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1. Mining Exploration Services

Providing the integrated exploration services to the mine owners with the goals to achieve such accurate result from the quantity and quality of the resources in mines

a. Literature Study/Desk Study.
Collecting the previous research data, both within the regional and local area of the research. Assessing the required data both drilling data and out crop data, including the strike and dip of rock layer level (Coal and non coal), coordinates and rocks outcrop elevation, seam correlation to geological reconstruction and database updates. Creating a report consisting of previously available data, proposing to add the exploration data so that the available data will be measured based on Indonesian National Standards (SNI).

b. Field Survey/Mapping
Identifying areas with potential of coal availability on a regional scale. Applying a ribbon installation on each observation point which will be used as codes. Layer positioning measurements strike and dip) of rocks and coals. Creating a outcrop profile, seam correlation, statigraphical column drawings, geological plateau and resources calculation.

c. Exploration Planning
Collection geological data needed for exploration planning, et al: topographical map, outcrop map and geological structure, coal outcrop description data and coal seam thickness data. Creating a map estimation of coal crop line seam and creating exploration planning (Prospection, General Exploration, Semi detailed exploration and detailed exploration.

d. Drilling and Supervising
Performing a drilling with a rig quality supported by other supporting tools with high efficiency and is monitored and supervised by a proficient and competent supervisor.

e. Geophysical Logging
Performing geophysical logging measurements and recordings (Gamma Ray, Resistivity, Density & Caliper) on each drill points after a drilling has been commenced. Evaluating geophysical logging measurements data and to determine the depth of all coal seam recorded on the Geophysical Logging measurements. Together with the wellsite works, performing drilling result data reconciliation.

f. Wellsite Human Resource Procurement
Planning the drilling point location using GPS for exploration drill point area, geotechnical, and Hydrogeological and also planning the total amount of drill hole depth for both open-hole and coring. Supervising and extracting drilling result data for all drill points including exploration drilling, geo technical and Hydrogeological, also performing the data which reconciled with the geophysical logging data.

g. Drilling Points Measurements (X;Y;Z) and Topographical Survey
Determining the BM location and its in-field pair using the coordinates provided by a Geodetic GPS and installing pillars in accordance with the provided design (Phase 1) and measurements using a Geosecond GPS differentially (Phase 2). Performing a drilling point and topographical measurements using a Total Station and is tied to the available BM points and also evaluating the data received from the previous works.

h. Geotechnical and Geohydrology Investigation/Study
Collecting information and to study the material need connected to the execution while also reviewing related reference data. Performing a field survey to determine the Geotechnical and geohydrology drill points. Performing a sample extraction for the purpose of soil and rocks mechanical laboratory, and also performing a water sample extraction in order to perform water analyze tests and water acidity, performing aquifer test and pumping test, and performing constructions for Piezometer.


Geotechnical and Geohydrology investigation-Study image
Performing slope stability analysis and the analysis of Geohydrologic condition. Creating a final report of Geotechnical and Hydrology studies (Geo and surface) in the exploration area qualified for a Mining Planning.


i. Extraction and Analyzing Rock Samples
Collecting and applying codes to rocks/coal samples from our wellsite geologist and also monitoring the analysis quality of the coals/rocks sample and finally sending the samples to the laboratory. Performing an evaluation and rocks/coals study of the laboratory test result.

j. Geological Model/Full Geological Study
Collecting all exploration data including previous studies data for geological recontruction. Performing a full geological study, creating a litostratigrafi correlation, performing a geological model, creating a “Cross Section” map, creating a coal floor structure contour map of each available seams, and to create a isoquality and isopach map.

k. Mine Design
Creating a design of an open mine by determining disposal, settling pond, and reclamation plans, creating ropeways, creating well situations (mining layout), calculating the coal auxiliary based on the Striping ratio limits and specific coal quality, and also scheduling.

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2. Mining Technical Services

Providing a technical mining services to guide mine owners so that they can expand their mines from an open site to an profitable mine.

  • Mine Due Diligence
  • Mine Feasibility Study
  • Mine Planning
  • JORC Resources & Reserves Estimation

3. Exploration Project Management

Exploration activity is a series of data collecting process from the early stage to the execution that is interconnected and integrated. To simplify the company’s organization in doing exploration activities we are providing a “single door” management solution. A “single door” management includes planning, managing, checking and supervising of all exploration activities and also providing reports of exploration progress gradually to the mine owner.